Bluetooth speakers are a great advancement from the wired ones as they are convenient and easy to place anywhere. However, the main problem is that there are so many to choose from so it is rare that these speakers grab my attention. These little Sydneys from Urbanista were some that actually did. They are small enough to dot around my kitchen and have a nice tactile feel about them with their fabric covering. They have a good run charge of 5 hours after a 1.5-hour charge and they are water resistant so great to take out and about. There is a choice of colours and these ones were the lovely Rose Gold. You can pair a maximum of two of these speakers to your device for a stereo sound experience which is surprisingly good. We recently went away for the weekend and these two were slipped into a bag and made the stay for us in a tech-free cottage. I am the type of person who has music on all day.

I would strongly recommend these for the price, they feel and sound way above their £35 price tag.

RRP £34.90


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Small and portable


Sounds good


I found the bass on some tunes a bit light