The Tula Half Buckle is another baby carrier to emerge on the market. What makes this difference to all the others, you ask? Well, alongside the ergonomic design, it comes with innovative body paneling. There are three width settings and two height settings, these allow you and your little one to be as comfortable as possible, it also means the Tula Half Buckle has a longer lifespan – holding newborns babies, all the way up to terrible twos.

Comfort is certainly considered in the design of the Tula Half Buckle, there are also adjustable straps around your neck and shoulders to make the load bearable. The material is also breathable and lightweight, meaning that long periods of use won’t have your torso covered in sweat! If you need to switch it up, this Tula Half Buckle can be worn with your baby on your front, on your back, and even on your hip.

As well as comfort, design is always important to any product. The Tula Half Buckle certainly delivers on this front too. The patterns are elegant and tasteful. You can choose from Playdate (blue with white hearts), Love Pierre (grey with white hearts), Rainbows Stars (self explanatory!), Mint Chip (light green with black speckles), Sleepy Dust (grey with white speckles), Discover (black with grey stars), and finally the Play (yellow with white hearts). In the image alongside this review, the woman on the left is wearing the Mint Chip design, the woman on the right is wearing the Play design.

Overall, the Tula Half Buckle is a great addition any new parent’s inventory. It is a crucial item for taking your baby out on the go, it keeps you close your baby, and it keeps your baby safe and secure. Though the price is dear, this item is good quality and your are guaranteed 2-3 years use.

RRP £129.90


Ergonomic design

Looks lovely