£249.99 – £349.99


Being a new mum is stressful enough without the pressure of what I need for my new bundle of joy. Everybody has an opinion and it’s impossible to know whose to listen to. Like most new mums I was so excited about this amazing change in my life I researched which wheels to get my boy. We went for the whole travel system, which consists of one chassis and then a clip-on pram, push chair and car seat. It is lovely, however we soon realised we also needed a lighter and more manageable stroller. Our boy is putting on weight like it is going out of fashion and I am finding it harder and harder to lift the full pram and then him into the car.

The stroller I wanted needed to look nice, work well, be lightweight and, most importantly in our cottage, be stored away without taking up too much space. 

The Diono Flexa is the perfect solution as it folds using one button and easy movement to be stored, neatly folded and vertical. It stands brilliantly next to the front door and takes up very little space. 

It has supporting feet around the back wheels which holds it upright - a unique way to fold and store a stroller.


It is also very lightweight at just 8kg and yet it feels beefy and durable. It has good all-round suspension and the double wheels at the rear make it easily manoeuvrable. All the tyres are puncture proof, making this great for long walks.


The stroller is suitable for babies from birth to 22kg, I am told this is around 3 years old. 



The Flexa is well designed and it is obvious to see the thought that has gone into it. The hood has two positions to allow for adjustment as your baby grows. It looks comfy and things like the padded bumper bar and calf supports indicate that love has been put into the design. It has easily movable telescopic handles which can be locked in any of the 4 positions, so it is as comfortable for me at 5 feet tall as it is for my husband who is over 6 feet.



I always wanted a full travel system for my baby, and I have loved it however this stroller is used so much more and because of this I think it makes much better sense if you can’t have both systems. 


This isn’t the cheapest stroller you can buy however it is wonderfully made and I do think it represents great value for money. For me the vertical storage is priceless in our small cottage.




Looks great

Easy to use

Can be stored vertically

Great colours



Not the cheapest however it is still much cheaper than my travel system and I use it much more so it does represent great value for money.