One of two new wireless-wired headphone models in collaboration with Zound Industries, the FWD-01s are the in-ear counterpart to Adidas’ over-the-ear RPT-01s. Designed for durable sportswear and Bluetooth enabled, the FWD-01s are well equipped to meet all of your workout needs.

For starters, the ear tips and wings were designed with comfort in mind, with the wings themselves being silicone to provide support within the auricle. The cord is made from a special tangle free knitted material, to make things easier when you just need to sling them in your bag and go. The cord is also sweat and water resistant, which is perfect for exercising. In the interest of your convenience, the FWD-01s also come complete with a magnetic wire, so you don’t have to worry about stowing them away mid-workout when you’re not using them.

Another great feature of the FWD-01s is how fast they charge. The headphones have a 40-hour battery life, with a mere 1-hour charging time, which is fantastic for when you’re in a rush. The FWD-01s also come complete with a simple 3 button remote, for control of the device, which is very straightforward to use. Another great feature is that the Bluetooth has an impressive range of 10 metres.

While the overall sound quality of the headphones is very good, the upper frequencies can sometimes sound a little harsh. The 12mm dynamic drivers, however, provide for a very bassy listening experience. On the topic of sound, a unique selling point of the FWD-01s is a special technology they use called ‘passive transparency’, which essentially means that outside sounds can still be heard alongside the sound from the headphones. One downside of this is that if you’re wanting an intensive, immersive workout experience, this technology might allow for distractions. Thus, I’d recommend the FWD-01s specifically for endurance training, or even for cycling. 

Overall, very good headphones with only slight drawbacks.



Simple to use controls

Sweat resistant material

Tangle free cable

40-hour battery life




Passive technology might be distracting

Slightly more finesse needed with the sounds




3 stars