The product of a collaboration between Adidas and Zound, the RPT-01s are the over the ear counterpart to the in-ear FWD-01s. The headphones are designed with working out in mind, and their sleek design, complete with the distinctive triple white Adidas lines, set them apart from the crowd. As well as the dark grey colour, the RPT-01s are also available in night grey and white. Although the material of the headphones feels and looks lightweight and bendy, it is surprisingly very durable. You won’t have to worry about them getting tossed about in your gym bag!

Like the FWD-01s, the material is also sweat proof and water resistant. In the interest of hygiene, the ear cushions are removable and washable. They are also particularly comfortable to wear for long periods of time and, most importantly, stay in place during exercise, which was one of my concerns before I tested them.  

The RPT-01s are Bluetooth enabled, with one control button on each ear. These controls are fairly straightforward to use, although like anything, they take a little while to use intuitively. The left action button is configurable with the Adidas app for actions that require a single, double or triple press, and is available on iOS and Android. The battery life is one of the big selling points of the RPT-01s- with 40 hours, after only a 3-hour charge.

In terms of sound, the RPT-01s have a great bass and clear vocals, with 40mm dynamic drivers that help to bring the sound ‘forward’, as it were. Although at times a more defined separation between the higher and lower pitches would be desirable, the quality overall is very good. 



Sleek design

Durable and lightweight

Removable and washable ear cushions

Long battery life



Slightly finickity controls

Sound could be slightly more  defined

4 stars