Change. Stow. Go! It sounds easy and now the Beanko Changing Station ensures that it is.

Allowing parents to change their baby from the comfort of their own car when need be, this innovative product is perfect when heading out on road trips with the family. Gone are the days of desperately searching for a suitable place to change them and it is clear from the outset that this has been designed by a busy parent fed up with being caught out with no facilities nearby.

From the foldable wedge that stops the baby from rolling to the loops that allow parents to attach a favourite toy to distract their child, the Beanko Changing Station is a truly wonderful idea that has thought of everything.

There are no weight limits and 25+ inches of space means that the changing pad is even big enough for a toddler too, which is handy during that potty training stage. The pad even detaches to be able to use on its own.

It is also clear just how organised the creator of this station was when considering the separate pockets within the station. The essentials i such as nappies, wet wipes, food,  drinks and other equipment. There is also a pocket that can be used to place a tablet that the baby can watch as they are being changed.

Importantly, the changing station is tough and durable, to protect against spills and mess. It is also easy to store and takes up minimum space. The design allows parents to set it up with one hand while holding the baby in the other, which again shows how much thought has gone into the product.

Of course, while designed with the car in mind, it does not mean you can’t use the changing station at other times, especially when detaching the pad to form a tummy time mat.

Parents should rejoice at the arrival of the Beanko Changing Station. It will make stressful car trips a thing of the past!






Easy to set up

Great storage options

Clever design