I am so impressed with this backpack from day one. It's the right size for an everyday pack.  There are some many features to this backpack, but one of the coolest is a camel pack holder and a hideaway spot for the mouthpiece, so nice!  It's so comfortable as the chest straps open big enough, so it doesn't restrict your breathing!! Some other things that impressed me as the size of the bag is bigger than some but doesn't feel it or heavy which is amazing. Also, I would stay I have looked everywhere for a backpack that I can attach my snowboard to, and this is the only one in which no matter the size of the board it can be attached.  A little added bonus and I almost missed it, is this backpack has a rescue whistle connected with a strap which is really a nice touch if you ever get lost or need help. Overall, I “LOVE” this backpack!

RRP £125.00

Website- https://www.dakine.com/en-gb/bags/backpacks/snow-backpacks/team-mission-pro-32l-backpack/

Pros- Very Light for a bag this size. Doesn’t pull you over when you load it up with you board and accessories. A Rescue Whistle- need I say more

Cons- Metal clip could rust if they get wet and not taken care of. The size of the camel pack that can be put in. Limited space for it

4 stars