The all-new Imilab EC2 Wireless Home Security Camera is a success on many levels. In an age where security and privacy are becoming more of a concern, the efficiency of the EC2 offers the peace of mind that can only come through feeling completely in control of your home environment - even when you are away from it.

The EC2 has lots of great features that make it straightforward and intuitive to use. For starters, it is completely wireless. The only wire you will ever need to use is the standard USB charging cable, but this shouldn’t be too much of an issue as the EC2 can run for up to 4 months on one charge alone.

In terms of set up, this is the only area where you might encounter complications. The Mi Home app that the EC2 pairs with can be difficult to locate on the App Store, as it does not yet have a big presence in the U.S.A. or in the U.K. Once set up, however, the EC2 is very simple to use. It can be fixed to the wall using either screws or an adhesive strip, and the gateway itself is remarkably small and light.

The real wonder of the EC2 is in the accuracy and precision of its technology. The process works in a very simple way - if any abnormal movement is detected, the homeowner will receive a notification through the app to their phone. They can then open the app to see what is happening in their home in real time, complete with a two-way speaker. For those with concerns that their pets would simply trigger the camera all day, you need not worry. The EC2 uses Passive Infrared detection, which can differentiate between humans and small animals.

The EC2’s 1080P HD camera quality is excellent, even in night vision mode, which is automatically activated and works up to 100m. The signal remains strong even through walls, and if you do want to use it outdoors, it is fully waterproof to facilitate this.

All in all, despite the slight complexity of the virtual setup, once the EC2 is up and running, it does its job fantastically well.

The EC2 is certainly a great companion to invest in for that extra peace of mind with your home security.





  • Night vision up to 100m
  • 360degree adjustable ball joint for convenience
  • 4month battery life
  • Excellent image and sound quality
  • Waterproof


  • Slightly tricky app setup

4 stars