I did a lot of research before reviewing this rangefinder. It has great accuracy as well as better ability to lock onto the flag or other things such as hazards etc.

I'm amazed at the 3/10th of a yard accuracy up to 300 yards. It can catch distances all the way up to 1000 yards. The optics are very clear when looking through the lens. I also found the size, shape and overall ergonomics to be top-notch, The ULT-X is compact, making it easy to stash in any golf bag pocket or even in your pants pocket as a bonus, it only weighs 0.46 pounds.

I have tried all the features include Slope Switch Technology, Pinsensor with Vibration, Target Lock and 6X magnification. Also, this is a highly accurate model. I highly recommend for any golfer looking to up there came

RRP 249,99€

Website- https://tectectec.com/products/golf-rangefinder-ultx/

Pros- fast and the information layout can be read quickly.

Cons- when tracking pole any other object in the way it will track this, Battery life is to short

3.5 stars


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