Dedicated gym members will be aware of the name Escape Fitness as leaders in the world of exercise. They have produced the TIYR, STRONGBOX and the Octagon Frame Range to name but a handful of products, and now comes their latest innovation – VECTOR.

Designed to deliver new challenges for gym members in both single exercise and group sessions, VECTOR offers easy set-up and a whole host of options for indoor and outdoor activity. It can be used in any fitness environment, making it one of the most versatile pieces of equipment available to users.

The cap is turned to set resistance levels in the interchangeable tubes, allowing the user full and easy control of their exercise routine. These ranges can go from 4.5kg to over 45kg, giving the ability to steadily increase resistance during the workout.

One of the greatest features of VECTOR is that it really can be used in every session, offering a versatility rarely seen in other exercise equipment. It allows you to go at your own pace with no need to keep stopping for long periods of time to change components or set levels.

It is not heavy or cumbersome, meaning straightforward set-up and easy to store away once finished. It also looks smart and is built to last, withstanding the most intense workout. With the tubes made from Kevlar, there is no chance of them breaking.

Next time you are in the gym, give VECTOR a go and you won’t be disappointed. It will fast become the go-to equipment for your workout sessions.


Technical Information:



VECTOR 60 Light with handle £298  

Medium with handle £308 

VECTOR 60 Heavy with handle £318

Delivers up to 152.4cm (60”) of pull length

Weight approximately 1.10-1.19kg (39-42 ounces)

Diameter 8.26cm (3.25”)

Length 76.2cm (30”)


Easy to use


Great tidy design