The new gimbal from Zhiyun is unlike another other. An issue in the past with previous gimbals is that they aren’t very compact. Other products on the market must be folded up, but the new Smooth – Q2 from Zhiyun measures only 204mm, therefore it fits into the smallest of bags or even your back pocket!

The interface on the Smooth – Q2 is effortless. Simply flick between the different options with just one button. The modes include pan following mode, following mode, lock mode and the new vortex mode. This allows you to shoot 360 degrees with ease.

The software is compatible with native iOS and Android, meaning whatever phone you have should support the new Smooth – Q2 by Zhiyun. It also comes with a quick release latch that is incredibly easy to use. This means that on the go you can quickly go from shooting glamour shots or a music video, to using your phone like normal within seconds. The gimbal itself is also easily foldable, so you can get it out asap if there is something spur of the moment that you want to capture. There is now the new portrait mode for live stream – so this is the perfect accessory for you budding vloggers and journalists!

With up to 17 hours of battery life, the Zhiyun Smooth Q2 3-Axis Handheld Gimbal Stabilizer for Smartphone is the perfect accessory for anyone wanting to shot video with ease from their phone.





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