A very clever safety product that is well worth considering if you are a keen cycling enthusiast. Especially as the evenings become shorter and it becomes more risky to be on the roads for a cyclist. It offers super bright LED’s, great visiblity for both day and night. It also vibrates whilst indicating.

It is chargeable anywhere on the go with a double USB that charges both Indik8as at the same time.

Very easy to use, just click your thumb and finger together to start and click to stop the indicator. I like these as they work over the top of my worn in and much loved riding gloves or you can use them without gloves. Very practical idea and very reasonably priced at £34.99. Very simple to use and also very simple to wash. Great product for a cyclist to keep safe out on the road.

RRP: £35.00

Rating: 4.5 Stars