Waking up is tough for some. Not everyone can wake up bright and early at 5am, walk to the shop for a newspaper, or go for an early swim at the pool. This were things I admired about my Grandad, but you won’t see me waking up naturally that early! I need forcing out of my duvet cocoon!

The Siesta Charge alarm clock from Pure looks nothing special. At a glance, you would assume this is a regular alarm clock, with digital interface and radio. But the Siesta Charge does more. Not only is it an alarm clock, but it is also a wireless charging pad for your phone! If you’re a gadgethead, then like me, you will have a Qi compatible smart phone. This means that wires are no longer needed for charging. Simply stick your phone on top of the alarm before you sleep, and the Siesta Charge will wake you up, with full charge!

Other features include DAB radio, as well as the usual FM radio. You can play music through the alarm clock via Bluetooth, you can still charge your phone via a USB port if your phone isn’t Qi compatible, and you can plug your headphones in and listen to the radio too if you wish. Alongside all of this, the CrystalVue Display comes with auto-dim, meaning that the light on the interface won’t shine on you or brighten up your room while you are sleeping.

Truly a classic alarm clock, with more!




DAB Radio

Wireless Charging

Bluetooth Compatibility