The Dual Driver BT ANC In-Ear Headphones are interesting looking headphones, with a solid but light weight neck band and the earbuds, attached by a wire set higher up the band, not at the ends meaning it fits all shapes and sizes without the risk of neck band tugging on the earbuds. The Active Noise Cancellation (ANC) aims to provide you clear sound in any environment allowing you to chill out during the noisy commute or drown out the daily chatter in the office with your favourite audio book. It works by using proprietary low power chip technology to allow the headphones to receive and analyse external noise pollution, it then produces opposing sound waves to cancel out unwanted sounds. The TiinLab A2 Chip is a self-schemed for superior noise cancellation and uses a wider frequency range EQ adjustment to counteract bandwidth, this produces smarter noise cancellation with the aim of producing natural and full sounding audio experience. With all the background blocked out the audio you can hear is truly indulgent, the bass is powerful, the midtones are layered, balance and rich whilst the high tones are clean and bright. The ANC also makes hands free calls and enjoyable experience (well, depending on who you are talking to), the patented titanium composite diaphragm enhances the listening experience in the treble while the dual PET layers takes care of the bass. These headphones have fast charge capabilities giving you three hours of use from just 10minutes charge, one hour gives you seven hours of playtime and if you do run out of juice the Type C to 3.5mm cable lets you choose wired playback as a plan b. The Dual Driver connects via Bluetooth 4.2 which gives you a 10m range, the Magnetic Clasping Earpieces form a necklace shape then not in use and they are comfortable of long periods of wear, my only issue is they will not transcend into sports world, that neckband bounced uncomfortably on my collar bone which means I will need to grab another pair of headphones for those runs and gym sessions. If a decent ANC without reduced quality in sound is your main priority, then the Dual Driver might be just what you are looking for.

4.5 out of 5


Excellent audio experience

Quality ANC

Fast charge

Wired and unwired connectivity


Intuitive use of buttons


Not suitable for sports