It has taken me 14 years since I first moved out of my parents’ home but I feel like I have finally become an adult, I have had airers set up in my bedroom, pants hanging out the window and bras dangling off radiators for far to long, but those days are over now I have a Rotatry Dryer (turns out they are not called clothes whirly’s after all). When it comes to Rotatry Dryers you cannot go wrong with a Brabantia, think of them as the Porsche of getting you shirts dry, the Lift-O-Matic Advance is the 911. So, turns out these things don’t just sit on the ground all stable, it comes with a long and sturdy ground spike, that inserts deep into the ground, the dryer then slips inside and is held firmly in place. If the best spot in the garden for sunshine happens to be in a particularly pretty area or in the middle of your lawn for example, you can easily remove the dryer when not in use and place the protective yellow cap over the spike hole and you would never know it was there. Once set up the Lift-O-Matic measures up a 15.5d x 11.0w x 192.5h cm giving you a whopping 50m (164ft) capacity in one compact area. The great thing about the Lift-O-Matic is it is seamlessly easy to adjust to your perfect height (149-197cm), the light weight material means you simply press the button in and slide the bottom up to your chosen height, you can then side the top section down to create the tension in the lines. The arms turn smoothly around so you can keep your laundry basket in one place instead having a mini work out constantly lifting wet heavy washing time and time again, even when fully loaded the arms will move with ease so you can take down your washing from one spot too. The lowest positions make it easy to dry larger items like cushions or bedding by draping them over the top, there are four clothes hanger holes at the end of each arm so you can dry or air particularly delicate items without leaving peg marks on them. The washing lines are made from UV-resistant material with a non-slip finish and if anything was to happen to a line they can be individually replaced. The Lift-O-Matic advance comes with a protective weather resistant cover which zips all the way from top to bottom making it super easy to put on and take off, it also comes with a high quality weather resistant peg bag, with carabiner that can be attached to the dryer, your belt or the dog, whatever works best for you. The Brabantia Rotatory Lift-O-Matic is one of those wonderful products that makes tedious things like laundry day less of a chore and with a 5 year guarantee included, I feel safe in the knowledge my pants won’t end up hanging out the window again, anytime soon.

5 out of 5


50 meter capacity

Sturdy ground spike with protective cover

Height adjustable

Weather resistant cover and peg bag

Light weight action

Ultra-light ‘Easy-Lift’ Control

UV protected and slip resistant

Individually replaceable lines

5-year guarantee