The Luna mini 3 has arrived, new and improved with the aim of giving your mush a deep clean whilst remaining gentle on your skin, available in five colours, Black, Dark Pink, Light Pink, Yellow and Light Blue. The Mini 3 features an upgraded T-Sonic facial cleansing massager, (T for transdermal), with twelve adjustable massage intensities and a dual cleansing surface for a customisable skincare experience, it has a new Swedish design with a larger brush head than the Mini 2 and offers app connectivity as well as a softer, longer touchpoints. It is straightforward to use, connect your Luna mini 3 to the Foreo app via Bluetooth (you must unlock LUNA mini 3 before using it for the first time), then dampen your face, apply your preferred cleanser to the mini 3 and hit the start button. From here you simply glide the soft silicone touchpoints in circular motions over your face until the built-in timer shuts it off, then rinse the mini 3 down, pat-dry your face and continue with your skincare routine. The quick-press Glow Boost cleansing mode gives you clean, glowing skin in only half a minute, the 8000 T-Sonic, pulsations per minute helps the touchpoints go deep and can remove 99.5% of dirt, oil, sweat and dead skin. The Find My Luna features lets you hunt down a lost Mini by triggering a buzz from the app so you can find it again, the app is used to select the intensity level, between 1 and 12 (12 is the highest intensity), which means you will need your phone with you for every wash, which sounds like a pain but my phone is rarely more than a metre away from me at all times. The Mini 3’s light weight and compact size makes it easy to pack away in even the smallest of bags, suitable for the gym or mini breaks, it is 100% waterproof and hygienic thanks to the silicone design. The Foreo Luna Mini 3 is so easy to use, it feels pleasant during the process, like its working right into the skin, and my face felt smooth and clean afterwards, my favourite time to use it was post workout as it would leave me feeling, fresh and revitalised.

4.5 out of 5


8000 T-Sonic pulsations per minute

Glow Boost feature

Compact lightweight design

Easy to use

Find my Luna function

12 intensity levels

Leaves skin feeling soft and clean

100% waterproof and hygienic


Only works alongside your phone