Peace of mind is one of the top 10 things in the head of a parent and an undisturbed night’s sleep would be up there too, before I had kids, I had a blissful image in my mind of standing in the doorway of my child's bedroom watching them sleep peacefully, turns out in reality this would not be so easy. If you want to check on your child at any point in the night, you need to navigate the clicking door handles, squeaky hinges and the inevitable labyrinth of the creaky floorboards, the Lollipop Smart Baby Monitor maybe a better option for you. Its slick and easy installation should have you up and running in no time and the flexible tale enables you to attach in 3 ways either wrapped on the edge of the cot, on the wall with the included attachment or standing like a serpent on the nearest chest of draws or wardrobe. It is connected via your home WiFi and gives you the freedom to choose your security options, this was a concern of mine as there has been many reports of cameras being hacked, however one of the options is setting it only to go between the camera, your hub and your phone, avoiding contact with the cloud. You may have to experiment a little regarding your internet quality as this could affect the picture quality and connection. The overall design is sleek and modern, it comes in a choice of three lovely colours and has a durable feel (so I’m not too worried if my toddler got hold of it). The Lollipop also gives you the ability to play soothing music and sound bites direct to your baby, for example a vacuum cleaner, hair dryer and womb sounds as well as some classical tracks, which is a nice touch. You can look back at snap shots and a 30 second recorded video of any unusual event of the past 7 days, you can also share access with trusted friends and family, but this would mean opening your connection out to the cloud. The cry detection feature was sensitive and would pick up any little noise, including the cat however, one feature I did found interesting was the Cross Detection. This lets you set a perimeter and if baby rolls out of this area or sticks an arm through the bars, you are alerted and can do what's needed, all things considered this could make a nice addition to your babies nursery but could use a few more features to warrant the price tag.RRP £145.00


4 out of 5



Sleek design

Easy Installation

Music functions

Cross Detection

Privacy Settings



Depends on your Bandwidth


Overly Sensitive