It can sometimes be difficult to make electronics look beautiful but MyVQ had not trouble when it came to producing Rosie Lee, this stunning radio/speaker, blends real wood and premium PU leather. Available in Grey and Green Grass Oak, Grey and Limed Oak, Cream and Oak, Grey and White it is a beautiful piece to take pride of place in your, bedroom, living room or kitchen. The hybrid device features DAB/DAB+ and also works as a Bluetooth speaker making it a versatile when choosing where to place it, however the added feature of the radio alarm makes the bedroom a good choice, what’s better than waking up to you favourite tunes. If digital radio isn’t your style them you can use the analogue FM to keep things traditional, once you’ve found your favourite stations you can save them to one of sixty pre-sets for quick access and use alongside the alarm function. When you want to switch things up simply connect your Bluetooth device up to the speaker and play your favourite apps, Apple Music, Deezer or Spotify and enjoy your own tunes, audio books or podcasts. The Rosie Lee has a dual ultra-wide full range speaker that delivers a 10 Watt audio output and can be adjusted to your own tastes with the equaliser settings including handy pre-sets or independent bass and treble control. The sound quality is enjoyable for listening to tunes when getting ready for work or winding down at night, however it lacks a little bass meaning it would be idea to host a party. The 3” high-contrast ultra-wide view screen features an auto dimmer so as not to blind you at night-time whilst still allowing you to check the time, its here you will find the details of the modes, alarm settings and stations. You can set 3 alarms, week/weekend routines, snooze, sleep and countdown functions to get you up in the morning, this is a mains powered device which could limit where you place the radio, it also comes with a 3/5mm Aux-in and USB charging port, it takes up a good chunk of your bedside table measuring up at 260 x 81.5 x 160.5. my biggest peeve with the Rosie Lee is functionality, selecting moods and programming alarms feels like a long winded process and the large button on top kept sticking which made the procedure even more frustrating, a feel little tweaks and the radio could be a lot more intuitive. If you are looking for a beautiful radio alarm clock, with Bluetooth streaming options the Rosie Lee could well be the device for you, with an enjoyable sound quality and range of functions it could leave you waking up fresh and ready for the rest of your day.

3.8 out of 5


Premium design

Enjoyable sound quality

DAB/DAB+ and FM radio

Bluetooth Steaming

60 pre-sets

Auto dim screen

USB Charging

Dual alarm (weekday/weekend)

Snooze, sleep and count down feature


Main button kept sticking

Programming isn’t the most intuitive