The GXBT180 is the baby brother to the BT280 but as is so often with the younger sibling, it is better looking, more fun and fits easier into a rucksack, measuring up at 86 x 86 x 110mm it is super compact and only weighs 340g, you can even put it in your pocket (jacket, not jeans). It comes in three colours, Red, Black and Blue just like its older sibling as well as that same, handy attachment loop for fixing it to your bag, bike, tent, whatever you like. It has a splash proof IP56 rating, keeping it protected from sudden showers, sand and dust, making it a great choice for outdoor events, festival, camping and picnics for example. This ultra-portable pod has a lithium-ion built-in rechargeable battery, this gives you up to 10 hours of continuous playtime, this is enough to get you through a full days partying but it might be worth ensuring you have a power bank on hand for long weekends and holidays away. The visual design is basically the same as the 280 but shorter and this makes it look cuter, the buttons are intuitive, so anyone can jump on and play their tunes in case the original host has peaked too soon and passed out somewhere. The stereo-spatial sound comes from the two 7W RMS high-quality speakers with DSP for the clearest sound reproduction it can provide, it can connect to your device via Bluetooth allowing you to access your smart assistant on your device as well as answer calls hands free through the built-in microphone. Over Bluetooth the sound is slightly compressed giving it that tinny component, but this is so often the case in these little speakers, but the sound is improved when used alongside the 3.5mm aux cable. Other features include the one-touch buttons to easily control volume, playlists or answer calls without having to access your phone and the USB charging port for emergency charging of your device. This compact speaker packs out some volume, the sound quality isn’t the best, the top notes are harsh especially at full volumes, but the bass is impressive for its size. The GXBT180 is a great outdoor party speaker, you’re not going to worry about it getting damaged, its easy to use, it won’t break the bank and you can easily throw it in your backpack, tent or keep it in your car for those impromptu gatherings.

3.5 out of 5


Super compact


Good bass for its size

Easy to use

Attractive design


Harsh top notes

Compressed sound over Bluetooth