The Carephone GPS SOS Tracker is an incredibly easy to use and compact emergency alarm and GPS tracker, perfect for keeping track of elderly relatives, children or pets who might wander off where they shouldn't. You can programme up to 3 emergency SOS numbers into the Carephone Tracker, and can take a SIM card from any network. If the wearer has an emergency, pressing the SOS button will send a text message to all programmed SOS numbers with a link so you can see where it was when the button was pressed. 

You can also set up a "geofence" - a virtual boundary via GPS - and be alerted each time the person goes in and out of the marked area. The speaker and microphone makes it easy and simple for people on both sides talk and be heard. It's also got a fall detector which will send out an SOS call if it detects a fall - great for elderly people who want to be more active but need an additional safety net.

The included SIM card roams across all major UK networks to provide you with the best coverage possible. The product is dustproof and waterproof. 10 day battery on standby.


Easy to set up

Can easily be clipped onto a keychain, lanyard or pet's collar

Reliable GPS tracker gives you the location instantly

Easy to charge - just plug the micro USB cable into then slot

LED battery indicator let's you know when the battery's running low

RRP £129.00

Rating 4.0 Stars