It shows the evolution of audio technology when the box your earphones come in is also the charger. This was what first struck me about the Life P2 Total Wireless Earphones from Soundcore (Anker); that and the smart look to the whole package.

Easy to set up, easy to use and easy to store, these earphones are very comfortable; so comfortable in fact that it is easy to forget you are actually wearing them.

The mere fact it only takes 10 minutes to charge them for an hour’s use is a real USP. The magnetic cradles in the charger box make it a very straightforward process. My only slight issue was that fishing the earphones back out did prove awkward as I couldn’t grab them easily. Daintier fingers wouldn’t have any problem.

So what is the sound quality like? Near perfect in my opinion. Not only are they noise-cancelling, these earphones produce excellent sound whether you are on a call or listening to music. Importantly, when making a call, the person on the other end stated just how clear my voice was and the lack of disruptive sound coming through with it.

It is a nice touch that they are waterproof too. As someone who clumsily dropped previous earphones in a full sink, condemning them to the tech graveyard, it is good to know someone cares enough to make sure that all-too-common mistake doesn’t mean buying new ones ever again.

You know that the quality is going to be there when you buy these earphones. For the fair price, you receive the Life P2 earphones, charging case, USB cable for charging and also a selection of ear tips so you can find the best ones for you. Clearly the makers know that ears don’t all come in the same shapes or sizes, unlike other tech companies. There is also the matter of the slight excess of documents included in the box. I would’ve preferred not to have them fall out when I opened it up and it felt that it was too much to cram in with a product that doesn’t need much instruction to use at all.

Overall however, I would highly recommend these earphones for your next purchase. Charge quickly, pop them in and forget you are wearing them.




Great sound quality



Easy and quick to charge


Slightly fiddly to get out of the charging cradles

Lots of paperwork