This is the coolest looking thing we have tested all year! You must click on the weblink and check it out!!  


It’s a fun underwater drone that my son and I have cracking fun messing around with at our local lakes.  After we had had a go we sent it to one of our reviewers who also is a very keen coarse fisherman.


The PowerDolphin is fun but it also has practical applications for us fishermen. I am a good aim with my bait catapult but there is always a degree of luck. I used the PowerDolphin to calmly go to the required spot and dump the bait in the perfect place. It did look cool too and I had many fishermen come and take a look. It can also be used for maritime rescue by attaching with a tow line so you can drag rescue rings, life jackets, and other relief supplies for rescue. It can even be equipped with PowerSeeker sonar, allowing the drone to automatically scan and draw the underwater topographic maps. It really is an amazing piece of kit.

When I received the product through the post, I was so pleased at how well it was presented that I was excited to find out what was inside, and I wasn’t at all disappointed with the contents. Yes, it is a lot of money, but it is quality.

The Dolphin is quite speedy and fun to whip around the water and mess about with. It’s equipped with a uniquely joint 4K rotating camera with a shooting angle of 132 degrees. It’s very cool to be able to record above water and underwater. The field of view is good and has it has a range from 15 degrees underwater and 70 degrees above water. It comes with a good carrying case for easy travel from spot to spot. Another great feature is the battery life on this water drone, at around 2 hours on one charge. I have tried other drones and the battery normally lasts 30 minutes maximum so it can stay in the water longer while videoing or using to find some tasty fish. The return feature is a simple one-button press and it will auto return to me, there is no need to navigate it back..

I also found out this drone has three speeds: Cruise Control so it can race down the water with another drone; Normal Mode I use for all the video recording I do and just relax while on the water, and when I want to go under the water to video is has an underwater mode (Submarine). All three speeds are perfect for what you want to do with a drone.

The last cool feature is the fish finder. I sent this drone out to scan the lake – not only does it scan for fish, it will send me a image of the scan back to my phone. The craft can also release bait to lure fish, I haven’t seen any other drones with an option for this.

Price: From £799

Available from Harrods and Amazon.co.uk

Pros- Great App, Fun to use, Superb video quality.

5 Stars