Not all cars have DAB radios and/or mobile phone systems. With our laws regarding using a phone and the hefty points and fines incurred, we need to protect our licences any which way we can.  To retro fit a new stereo or a phone system is just too much for most of us. My son hasn’t got these in his car but insists on using his phone if he feels it is necessary. He also argues that if he were to get a system fitted, he loses all that money when he sells the car, which incidentally he changes more than his pants.

The Pure Highway 600 is an aftermarket DAB radio receiver that can be moved from car to car. It connects to your existing radio to give you DAB and you can pair it up to your phone so you can enjoy music streaming services like Spotify, or as a hands-free mobile phone system through your speakers. So this is cheaper, more flexible, portable and give more features than a costly retrofit.

The 600 is easy to fit and there are many videos available for extra advice. The step-by-step instruction is all the method you need to have a fitted a working unit. There is no cutting of wires and splicing, there is no technical DIY. Mine took around 15 minutes from unpackaging to working - and it only took that long as I am fastidious about cars. All the cables were neatly tucked away out of sight.  The car I was fitting it to had an aux input socket so it linked through that however some cars won’t have this and will can be dialled into the FM radio, very clever. This unit will work with all systems, however Pure state that the use of the Aux input produces slightly better sound quality. 

The aerial is a neat little magnetic design, which slides under your roof lining at the top of the windscreen using the roof as an extension of the aerial. The phone microphone has a clip to slip over the sunshade, however I preferred to slip the arm of this into my centre light, that way if I used the sun shade the microphone stayed in place.

The control unit is wireless so can be placed in the most convenient place without ugly wires. It controls your stations, taking calls, accessing audio streaming and changing settings.

Once fitted and as soon as this unit turns on it will search quickly for the local DAB stations and then it’s ready.  

You can also set up the Bluetooth connection with your phone. This is worth doing because it means you can stream music from your phone, including with Spotify, Deezer, or any other music streaming service. Pure even lets you use Siri or Google Assistant on the go.

Most importantly, and why many people will want to get one of these, is that it provides hands-free access to your phonebook to make and receive calls through the car audio system, with impressive quality. Pure make cheaper units however you lose features the cheaper you go so I believe it is worth taking the hit and going with the 600.

This has transformed my son’s older, basic car that didn’t have in -car phone facilities or even a DAB radio.  Hopefully this will help prevent him losing points by using his mobile on the go, now I need a simple, easy fix to prevent him from speeding!


Price: RRP £159.00 – but do shop around for offers.

4.5 stars



Easy to install

Clear and sounds great

Pairs with you mobile



Still a bit pricey but it is the best I have reviewed.