In a market that is becoming increasingly competitive, I was pleasantly surprised by the TrueConnect Wireless Earbuds by RHA. For those who, like me, are afraid of investing in earbuds for fear of misplacing one (or both!) of them, the TrueConnect earbuds come in a handy case that will fit in your pocket and keep your earbuds safe and protected. Sleekly designed, and with an aluminium covering, the case also acts as a charger, and boasts an outstanding 20-hour battery life. Given that the earbuds themselves have battery lives of 5 hours, this means the case can fully charge them 4 times over - a very impressive feat that sets the TrueConnect earbuds apart from their competitors.

This is not the only impressive feature of the TrueConnect earbuds’ battery life; it also charges at a very fast rate. From 0% charge, a mere 15 minutes of charging will take your earbuds to 50% perfect for the days when you’re running short on time! A further hour and a half will ensure your earbuds are charged to full capacity.

It is clear to see that RHA designed the earbuds with comfort in mind. The Compress Comply Foam Tips mould to you ear to enable you to listen to music for long periods of time without the dreaded discomfort that typically accompanies such an endeavour. The TrueConnect earbuds are in-ear monitor (IEM), which essentially means that they do a great job at noise cancellation due to the foam tips fully blocking the ear canal. This makes listening to music through them a truly immersive experience.

The foam tips also make the TrueConnect earbuds ideal for physical activity. Not only are they comfortable to wear, but they also fit very securely in your ear canal, meaning they can stay in place during the most vigorous of workouts. This, paired with their IPX5 sweatproof and waterproof design, mean that they will be able to keep up with whatever your day throws at you!

I was very impressed by the clear and bassy sound quality of the TrueConnect earbuds. They were straightforward to work, control and paired quickly with my phone - although occasionally there were connectivity issues with the left ear bud dropping out. When connected, however, I was completely satisfied with the sound and immersive experience.

All in all a very strong pair of wireless earbuds for those happy to spend that little bit extra!



  • IPX5 sweatproof and waterproof
  • Fast charging
  • Long battery life
  • Sleek and convenient case



  • Occasional connectivity issues



4 stars