This is the Traveller heated gilet by Blazewear.

With the nights drawing in and winter rapidly approaching, you may feel that all your favourite outside activities are becoming progressively more uncomfortable and perhaps you're thinking of holding off on them until summer makes its way back around, if this sounds familiar the people at Blazewear may have a solution for you.

The main body of this garment is made from a lightweight highly insulating material appropriately named thermolite; it features three heat pads that will heat all the way up to 55°C by the press of a button located on the inside of the gilet. The heating elements are powered by a 5V 10400 mAh lithium ion battery which is easily charged with the USB cable provided. The battery conveniently sits in an inside pocket while you're on the go and can also be used to charge other devices such as phones or tablets.

The detachable hood allows more versatility by undoing the zip around the collar, and makes the garment more adaptable to various climates which is definitely going to be a plus for when you are embracing the forever- fluctuating weather conditions.

The gilet retails at £149.99 which I think is more than reasonable for a high quality, lightweight and breathable gilet, and easily justifiable due to its innovative design and the abundance of tech it has packed within the gilet.

I love how easy it is to heat the jacket, simply hold the button on the battery and the button inside the gilet and then click the glowing button to a temperature to suit; the added feature of being able to charge your phone is a huge bonus for anyone.

I was blown away at how much heat this thing packs, even without using the heating elements the Thermolite will take any body heat and cling onto exceptionally well.  The three heating elements in the gilet, one located on the back and one either side of the chest, heat up quickly and efficiently and still conserve the battery life very well. These heating elements should be close to your body for the best results, so make sure you get a nice snug fit to seal in the heat!


4.5 out of 5




Very warm

Looks good



Battery pack is a bit big and heavy