Blazewear – Plug-in heated base layers

Heated Gloves                                                                  RRP £99.99

Heated jacket liner                                                          RRP £139.98

Heated trouser liner                                                        RRP £139.98

Heated socks                                                                     RRP £89.99

I ride a motorbike most days of the year and I hate when I notice the chill coming in slowly but steadily. My passion for riding will always win over a cold day, however as I get older and my cars get nicer, the battle is becoming more closely fought.

What if you could ride your bike all year round and be toasty warm regardless of how cold it is? This is a dream-like reality I have found myself in. Our friends at Blazewear have sent the full ensemble of electrically heated base layers for me to review. 

The power comes from a lead you simply bolt onto the battery that feeds out between the seat and the tank. When you get on you plug in, simple.  I expected it would be a pain to put all this gear on however it is no different to putting other base layers on, only these ones plug in. 

I was so excited when they first arrived that I wore them on an autumn day of around 16 degrees. They are comfortable, snug and warm without the heat. I was amazed when I turned them on as to how quickly they warmed up, we are talking seconds. They have three settings and two big buttons to control the heat independently to your legs and feet and your hands and torso.  The buttons are easily used in a gloved hand. I didn’t need them on the first outing but as I sat with my mates in a café having a coffee after a hundred or so miles, one asked me if I was coming down with something as I looked sweaty and ill. It was then I went to the bathroom and took them all off for a colder day.

I usually come to work at about 6am so even autumn mornings can be just above freezing and these base layers are a game changer. The obvious thing is that you are warm, but any biker knows if you are cold you become dangerous. God forbid the need for an emergency stop, but when really cold your reaction time reduces and if your hands are stiff and cold it can be fatal. 

These are very warm items even before you turn them on however if you need the extra boost then 1 of the 3 setting will be perfect.

Your safety is increased using this gear.

4 out of 5

Well made

Warm without heat

Amazingly hot when turned on and has 3 settings

Really cosy


I had to buy bigger gloves to go over the base gloves