Portable, waterproof, wireless Bluetooth speaker with synchronised LED light rings?! Be still my teenage heart!


Not only is this a fun looking little 360° speaker, it kicks out some substantial bass when asked and can pair with up to 100 Flare speakers, controllable by the Soundcore app. Imagine being in charge of that remote!


The Flare 2 is really pleasant to the touch, in both shape and it’s variety of textures; the few buttons on the top perform the basic functions and the power/aux ports are discreetly positioned on the side, but download the Soundcore app and your phone will do the rest of the work.


I’d have rated the sound quality on a par with my own portable Bluetooth speakers, but hit ‘BassUp’ and a richer, more substantial bass kicks in. The LED coloured light rings are a nice touch, and the non-slip bottom is handy, given their cylindrical shape they could otherwise topple and roll! Using the Soundcore app you can either synchronise the lights with your music, or set them in a variety of modes and moods. I didn’t dare test the IP67 ‘waterproof’ claim but I daresay plenty of others will have done, and I’ve heard no bad press, so let’s call it submersible.


Unlike my small Bluetooth speakers, which in comparison both look and sound ‘tinny’, the Flare 2 with an audio output of 2 x 10W offers 12 hours’ runtime from a 3.5 hour charge (via USB) - less if you use all the extras and/or have the volume ramped up, but it’ll keep you entertained for a night without the need to recharge. I imagine these sound even better teamed up as a pair at least; who doesn’t enjoy being surrounded by bassy sounds and a bespoke light show? Dreamy.



Nice bass for a small speaker

‘Sociable’ speakers – pair up with others

12 hours’ playtime

Simple app

Great textures!



Rainbow LEDs aren’t really necessary, but they’re a nice touch and USP


4 out of 5 stars