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To call my hair ‘unruly’ would be an understatement, and yet I don’t tend to go to any measures to tame it. The thought of using a hairbrush in conjunction with another appliance fills me with dread, although that could be down to several factors other than my ineptitude; irreparable damage to my hair, ill-positioned sockets, and time, for starters. The DAFNI Allure resolved every one of these issues: cord-free, so I could ‘style’ (dry) my hair in the bathroom, where there are mirrors, when short of time I could even style on the go (in the passenger seat of a car, en route to a lovely restaurant, for instance - it’s probably less effective on a bicycle…), and a consistent, low heat, which resulted no frizz whatsoever.

I love so much about this product: the colour scheme is bright and fun, the paddle-shaped brush is broad and delivers a gentle heat, so unlike standard straightening irons it felt nourishing, and doesn’t appear to have wrought any damage on my fragile hair. Crucially, the Allure left my locks frizz-free – a result I have never achieved when pairing a brush and dryer, and due to the fragility of my hair I wouldn’t go near a pair of irons. At 18.5 x 5.8 x 9.2cm it packs easily into an overnight bag, and comes with a thermal bag, so if you are concerned about overheating - don’t be.

The Allure only takes a couple of minutes to heat up, although I find there’s no harm in being impatient. The brush charged via a USB port, and claims to retain charge for three heads of hair – as with hair colour, I’d say this is very much dependent on the head, and hair type; having short, fine hair it took me very little time, but a head of longer, fuller hair may exhaust that charge in little over one sitting. I can’t imagine a real scenario where this would be an issue.



Cordless – game changer!

Gentle – minimal heat damage and paddle brush

Ample battery life (for me)



Absolutely no use whatsoever if you ‘woke up this way’ with poker-straight hair


5 out of 5 stars


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