RRP £19.99, widely available for less


If you’re a keen swimmer chances are you’ll already be familiar with Aqua Sphere’s top-selling Kaiman goggles. Don’t rest on your laurels, it’s time for an upgrade! The Kaiman EXOs feature AquaSphere’s ‘Exo-core bi-material frame’, two parts which in combination provide both rigidity and comfort. I can verify that claim; although light, the Kaiman EXOs feel reassuringly sturdy, but for me the real issue is comfort - I really don’t enjoy the feeling of excessive suction in my eye socket of all places – well these sit supremely comfortably and securely, without the effect of a sink plunger.


These goggles feature a curved lens, something I can’t recall ever noticing before in my own swim goggles, and although it could be in part due to the fact I was consciously seeking that fuller field of vision, I did feel as though I had much better peripheral vision than usual. The curved lenses will undoubtedly help with hydrodynamics, too, but at this swimmer’s pace it’s not something I tend to particularly care about, maybe those old goggles of mine have been slowing me down! What I do consider is aesthetics and this pair came in black/grey, by far my least preferred colour scheme, though admittedly goggles are to facilitate how you SEE underwater, not how you LOOK. (Oh and there was absolutely no water ingress, which undoubtedly helps with visibility.)


The EXO lenses have anti-fog and anti-scratch coatings and although I didn’t have much opportunity to ruin this particular pair, I am known to be lax with my accessories and ‘anti-scratch’ is something my goggles would benefit from! The EXOs come in men’s and small fit.  As a girl I share most of my kit with my kids, so I’d personally opt for the small and make do, anything is better than oversized goggles! The EXOs are available in clear, polarised and dark; whether you need optimal vision for a murky open water swim or glare protection from a sunny few lengths at your local lido, all of these offer 100% UVA and UVB protection.   There are mirror lens options on other models ie the Kaiman and Kayenne for those that want a mirror lens.






Very comfy, no excessive suction!

No leaks

Great range of vision


Latex free



Not the best colour combination but loads to choose from


4 out of 5 stars