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How much money would you pay for a healthier happier you? For me it would be an awful lot more that £50. Without sleep I am grumpy and struggle to get things done and, as I get older, I find I am waking up earlier and earlier. As an extremely light sleeper I find any change in noise or light levels will wake me and once I wake up rest is no longer an option. I think about everything from my workload, my worries, my kids and that’s it, I am wide awake, regardless of the time. The more often it happens, the more time I spend worrying that it will happen again, and then the more it happens. It’s an exhausting downward spiral that over the last few months has caused me great distress.

My review of the Hoomband is from someone who doesn’t have trouble nodding off, but from the perspective of someone who wakes too early and desperately needs more sleep. I have found one way I can trick my brain is to listen to soothing sleep meditation music through ear plugs. This both drowns out my thoughts and replaces them so that I can sleep on. The problem with this is that wired ear phones tend to get caught up in bed and/or pop out and I don’t like the idea of using Bluetooth ear plugs for long lengths of time not least because of the discomfort they wreak when combined witha pillow!

When HoomBand asked me to try their wired headband device I jumped at the chance and was excited for another option that has been designed to resolve this problem. The Hoomband is a soft headband with inbuilt slim speakers, which don’t dig into your ears when you are laying on the pillow.

When I wake early, I simply slip it over my head and turn on sleep meditation music. The band comes with 20 plus hours of stories and sleep guided meditation, prepared by sleep experts. You can also choose to listen to a white noise loop or relaxing soundscapes, or you can of course just tune in to your favourites.

The app stays open to block out surrounding noises for the whole night.

What surprises me is thatI don’t find the headband at all uncomfortable or inconvenient to use; in fact I like the way it hugs the head, it’s quite comforting. It does come in 3 sizes, so ensure that you measure your head for the perfect fit.

I have found that the headband can be slipped over my eyes and works as a black out eye mask too. Since using this I am managing a solid 2-3 hours extra sleep, which is unheard of for me. I feel fresher and energised all day and I must say my family and work colleagues have noticed a new happier me.




Feels nice

Sounds good

Doubles as an eye mask


If your smartphone doesn't have a jack socket, make sure you are equipped with an adapter however I bought one from eBay for £2 that arrived the next day, so this is no deal breaker.