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I love accessories that are techy for good reason! These bike lights make you more visible on the road, not least because they light you up. Riding with the See.Sense app this brilliant safety package can feedback your route to increase safety on the road, making subsequent journeys on that route (potentially) less risky for you and other road users. Amazing. But let’s talk about the lights!


On first glance they looked a bit ‘retro’ to me, but don’t let their geometry deceive you. These lights - which came boxed as a pair - respond to your experience on the road, by increasing in intensity at crucial points of your ride, (junctions, for instance, where I once fatefully came a cropper) flashing quicker and more brightly to make you more visible.


The rear light is 125 lumens and although the front is only 150 (the more lumens the better, in my opinion) both do shine in daylight, so it’s worth keeping them on at all times of day.

They feature both theft and crash alerts – we trialled the ‘theft’ if the bike moves and you don’t, well, you hear about it! I didn’t trial the ‘crash’ - I’m a gadget reviewer, not a stunt pro!


The lights come with various attachments should you already have fixed lights (I do), you can attach the rear to your rucksack or jacket, for instance (I did). I’d say they are average dimensions, (59.5mm x 32.5mm x 22.5mm), so neither too bulky nor insignificant. What is noticeable is the lights are visible from the sides, and the more angles you’re seen from, the better.


With a couple of hours’ charge you’ll get around 10 hours’ usage, ample for a few commutes but don’t be last-minute with your charging. The pack came with two micro USB charging cables – my first thought was, great! One for home, one for work, and I’ll never be caught out! Then I remembered there are two lights. For someone as absent minded as me, another pair would be handy.


I tested these in both light and dark conditions and felt safe although I always like to double up my lights in midwinter, I didn’t feel using these was excessive, as they perform that added function of noting your route, your experience on the road, and potentially protecting your bike from theft.

Although they are ‘water sealed’ I didn’t take them out in the wet, but I’ve never had an issue with water ingress in any of my lights and I have faith in that claim. The tracking aspect I LOVE and

if you are unfortunate enough to be in a crash and they will send your location to your nominated contact. 


No amount of light, or flashes, or smart technology will protect you from a crash, only your wits and those of other road users will do that, but these certainly go some way to making your journey a safer one, and at only £79.99 for the pair, I wouldn’t argue with the investment.



Decent battery life (10 hours)

Bright enough, even in daylight

Theft alert

Can link to Garmin, if you like that kind of thing

Various attachments



I love a REALLY bright light for dark nights, but there’s no stopping you teaming them up with a brighter head/tail light, the more the merrier!



4.5 stars out of 5