RP £54.99




This gadget is the missing link between wireless headphones and wired headphone jacks.


AirFly Pro allows you to use your Bluetooth headphones with items that aren’t Bluetooth compatible and only have a headphone jack. It can also act as a headphone splitter, and can allow you to play music from your phone on a car stereo if have a new iPhone and can no longer simply aux it.

The product was nice and easy to get going straight out of the box and was very simple to use. It comes with a long battery life (but unfortunately with no battery indicator), so it is more than suitable for those long journeys, just make sure you charge it before you leave!  That said the AirFly can be charged while it’s in use.  This is a very convenient item to own if you have recently upgraded to Bluetooth headphones or a newer smart phone. It saves the faff of buying adapters for each separate piece of tech you own, and will come in useful for a while – it will be sometime before everything is Bluetooth compatible.


RRP £54.99



3.5 out of 5




Good design

Allows use of wireless headphones where they could not be used before


Price but it is simple and works well.