On first glance I knew I was going to love the YuYu bottle, it arrived in the sort of packaging that is so subtle it states, ‘We’ll just let the product speak for itself...’


I can’t imagine a home that wouldn’t feel better with a YuYu. I don’t suffer from any sort of aches and pains but I do love my hot water bottle, or rather I did until the YuYu appeared. The YuYu is 81cm long but holds the same volume as a standard hot water bottle, in short, it provides double the comfort with arguably less energy consumption.


The rubber is 100% natural and biodegradable and the dimples have the same effect as a massaging mitt, which helps ease muscular pain, but if massage isn’t required then these little bubbles also help retain heat for up to 6 hours. I didn’t test this claim, but I imagine even after less time you’d be inclined to get up and refill the bottle while making a cuppa.


From time to time my other half needs a heat pad after a particularly arduous day’s work, and we have discovered that balancing a hot water bottle on your shoulder is no way to resolve the issue, while heating gels and lotions not only contain questionable ingredients but need regular reapplication, and as for the person massaging the knots out (me!) the issue is frankly tiresome. This YuYu comes with a 1.2m extendable strap, which secures the bottle comfortably across your back or shoulders and can be adjusted to sit in just the right position. We had a little jiggle with the YuYu and there isn’t really an area it can’t reach and remain comfortably, so if you are caring for someone with chronic pain for instance, this seems an ideal solution. Or course it can also be filled with cold water, to help calm inflammation.


Of course it is great for period pain, too, but even without pain to relieve, wrapping it around both my lower back and tummy feels incredibly comforting, just as effective as a warm bath. We received the Luxury Fleece YuYu, in Mink, which isn’t dissimilar to snuggling up to a ferret, without the bad smell. If you don’t like ferrets, the Lochcarron tartan or Liberty print fabrics, or 100% ethically-sourced cashmere, are beautiful alternatives.


What I really love about this product is the effort that has gone into sourcing the products ethically, and their altruistic ethos: sourcing 25% of the rubber from the Fair Rubber Association, and donating of unused bottles to the homeless community gets a thumbs up from me. YuYu bottles may not be the cheapest hot water bottles on the market (RRPs range from £33 for the Luxury Fleece to £179 for 100% Cashmere) but they offer double the comfort, and any brand that ‘gives back’ is worth the extra, in my book.



Natural, biodegradable rubber

‘Hands free’ comfort

Variety of fabric options




More expensive than a standard hot water bottle


5 out of 5 stars – the only product we’ve reviewed that feels like a warm hug!