MAGLIte Rechargeable Flashlight

Mag Instrument’s MAGLITE brand has a nostalgic history, having operated in the US since 1979. When discussing the MAGLITE, the company draws consumers back to iconic aspects of American life, such as fixing a car with their Dad, serving on the force or going camping with the family. They’re hardy and wholesome images for a hardy and reliable brand of products. Since the company began, ithas of course worked to improve on its original designs, and now, the MAG-LED™ range ties modern technology into this sense of tradition. As LEDs have improved, using them allows a torch to kick out more light whilst using less power than a traditional bulb, making Mag Instrument’s torches more effective and giving them a longer life.


The latest development in this modernisation is the Maglite Rechargeable Flashlight. These ultra-bright LED torches come with a long-life rechargeable battery and a charging base, so the torch is always ready for when you need to head out on the go. It also comes with a belt holster and pocket clips, to allow you to attach the torch however you prefer, which again evokes thoughts of using this MAGLITE whilst out doing hands-on jobs. Even better, the torch is designed so it can actually be used whilst in its charge base – the base clips on and stays out of the way, with a long handle to hold or holster without the base affecting your grip. This base can charge the torch whilst plugged into the mains, but detached from that, it still carries power which it can top the torch up with during use. If the battery is ever fully empty, the base will recharge it in two and a half hours, but it’s unlikely that it should even ever get that low.

MAGLITE torches are carefully made to make sure that they are weather resistant, easy to grip, they have adjustable light level settings, and generally bring everything to the table that you’d want from a torch, but at a high, innovative level. These torches are bright, reliable, and now, you’ll never need to hunt around for batteries.


Recharges quickly
Good grip
Bright, steady light
Weather resistant
Portable charging cradle