RRP £74.95

I haven’t yet been tempted by wireless earphones but this pair swayed me with their aesthetics alone. With a brushed aluminium finish and COMPLY memory foam tips, they sit nice and snug and feel just as good as they look. I was aware of them sealing in the sound they delivered, and there was absolutely no question of them slipping out. With no loose cable, and IPX5 sweat protection, these are ideal for exercise, but if you want to immerse yourself in music, these are a real treat, and incredible value for money. The Bluetooth connection was hassle-free, and the HD audio sounds fantastic. What sets these earphones apart, however, are the interchangeable tuning filters.

Like the Alfa Genus V2, these come with a set of three tuning filters, colour coded black (perfect for the higher frequencies such as classical), gold (natural tuning, suitable across all genres) and silver (lows/bass – best choice for electronic/rock) to accentuate your preferred sound - try mixing them up, you won’t be disappointed. The audio quality via all filters is powerful, the silver delivers good bass, and the top notes are particularly crisp with the black.

These charge via a USB-C cable, the battery lasts a good 11 hours so you’re very unlikely to run low during a run, gym session, or a day immersed in your favourite sounds.

The pair snap together with a magnetic fitting, which I find a neat and really satisfying touch.



Great design & quality materials

Impeccable, customisable, sound

Super-snug COMPLY tips

Wireless connection faultless

11-hour battery life

Fantastic promotion price



Just the one pair of tips will do for me!


4.5 stars out of 5