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We received the CONCEPT SS8 Speaker Stand Support unassembled, but the uprights and cross braces pieced together easily, a simple one-person assembly, secured with the included Allen key. The uprights, of 3mm precision laser cut steel, coupled with ERW steel tubes, have a minimal, but functional look. We received the support in black with chrome supports but they are also available either in all black or all white, and with either chrome or brushed chrome, which covers most aesthetics.

The completely open frame not only ensures that speakers are minimally affected, but I found there was notably more resonance. If you have invested in decent speakers and you want to accentuate, rather than dampen, their performance, I’d absolutely opt for these. I’d love to see this with a neutral or natural lacquer however, as my house doesn’t really suit metallics or monochrome. At a height of 600mm (plus 25mm isolation spikes) these can sit on top of most furniture for an optimal position. I did a blind test – same track, with and without the support – and my teens noted an improvement in clarity, which I felt was obvious but thought may have been down to preconceptions. All in all this is a good looking piece of kit which to the discerning audiophile probably will make a difference.



Looks good

Accentuates speaker performance

Easily assembled



Monochrome colour options


4.2 out of 5 stars