RRP £98.00

I’m not one for domestic chores but this ironing board, size C in the range, makes me feel like I need an upgrade! Measuring 124cm x 45cm (dimensions including the steam unit holder and legs are 159cm x 49cm), this board feels incredibly sturdy. With non-slip feet and several height adjustments, (older) family members have no excuses when it comes to ironing their own uniform/sports kit/king size sheets!

I really like the botanical ‘Tropical Leaves’ cotton cover, which remained smooth, meaning there were no unwanted creases as I ironed. The broad top was not only great for quickly ironing bedding and larger items, I imagine it would also be invaluable for sewing or knitting projects, with plenty of space to position and press your garments, large or small.

The steam iron holder is reassuringly stable, as are the legs, and it comes with a child lock - if only they had those when I was little; I remember ironing boards being terrifyingly unpredictable structures, second only to camping beds! This also locks closed easily for storage, ensuring it doesn’t unfold on you as soon as you open the laundry cupboard when you open the door.



(Extra!) Large


Excellent quality product



May be too large for those with very limited storage space


5 out of 5 stars