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A fantastic, space-saving product for those who enjoy home cooking, or a great starter kit for fledglings! I keep most of my utensils in a drawer which I put down to lack of surface area, but in fact this stand takes up very little room, looks smart, and means – unlike me – you will never lose your spatula/ladle amongst a hoard of other kitchen implements! What I like the most about this set is that each utensil is a real multi-tasker (which not only saves on space, but also on materials): the ladle doubles as a scraper, there is also a skimmer/ladle, and a spatula with a handy prong; however the spatula/serving spoon is the combination I’ll be using most. This means you can cook meat/vegetable dishes, or dishes containing allergens, with no fear of cross-contamination, as you will more than likely have an alternative utensil to hand.

These are all non-scratch, so can be teamed up with your favourite non-stick cookware with no fear of damaging the surface. All the utensils are heat resistant to 220°C – I can’t say for certain whether I ramped the temperature up so high, but they held their form in a hot frying pan. There is nothing worse than trying to fry an egg with a previously molten, misshapen spatula!

These also come with a 5-year guarantee although I imagine they would exceed this.





Heat resistant



Brighter colours might be fun


4.5 out of 5 stars