AmazonBasics Balance Stability Disc Cushion


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I’ve recently embarked on a fitness mission to improve all aspects of my wellbeing; now I have no issues introducing cardio and a quality diet, but the one thing I tend to delay is the home workout, and yet it’s it’s the perfect complement and  the results are so worth the minimal time spent. If there are any ways to make core exercises more effective, I’ll take them! This balance cushion has a variety of fitness uses beyond core strength, but for me that was its primary function, and boy does it deliver! Although the cushion came with a handy little pump, it did arrive pre-inflated, at this level it is clearly designed to wobble and so I felt myself engaging loads of core muscles in order to maintain my balance and stability. By deflating it a little the effort required decreased, as I sank a little better into the cushion. The dimples on the underside offer good traction and it rested firmly, it was only me that didn’t, which made the effort as entertaining for others as it was challenging for me!

It’s also comfortable simply used as a cushion, which immediately made me reconsider and adapt my posture. It’s so important in a work environment that we engage our muscles rather than slumping in front of our work, so although the dimples can become a little irritating after sitting for prolonged period for me that was a necessary and welcome reminder to get up, away from my screen, and take a brief walkabout.

For the price, the disc feels very durable, for something that will improve your posture even if you don’t choose to use it for Pilates or core workouts, it’s a no-brainer.

The disc came in a pretty purple colour – my favourite –  and is also available in blue and black, handy if you want to colour code your partner’s or colleagues’ cushions, or have one for workouts and another for office work, as you can keep them inflated optimally for their respective  uses.







Dimples slightly uncomfortable after a while


4 out of 5 stars