As a regular customer of wireless earphones, I have scoured across the internet to find a good pair of earbuds that are value for money and high quality. Meeting the UMI W5S has been truly satisfying. Let’s talk design. The small metallic earbud holder case certainly attracts the eye when scrolling through the endless list of earphones online. The compact design instantly gave me a feeling of class and quality upon holding it. To my surprise it had a cold metal appearance with enough weight so it doesn’t feel cheap and flimsy, but not so much that when placed in your trouser pocket, you’re required to tighten your belt to hold it up. The smart magnetic adsorption case gives a pleasant click as the earbuds plug securely in with no possibility of falling out. The slick design of the case is matched by that of the earbud. With the small size, the bud sits comfortably and neatly within the ear, perfect for vigorous workouts or simply a trip to the fridge. In addition, the W5S does include IPX7 sweat protection, which, if you’re anything like me, is a handy trick.

Given its price range and my experiences with other earphones within similar ranges, my expectations of the sound quality wasn’t high. However I was pleasantly surprised at the crisp sound and decent bass that the small earphones offered. Furthermore it demonstrated the ability to reach high volume with brilliant quality. With noise cancelling and very little noise leak at full volume, the W5S is suitable for any situation.

Battery time is another concern that many wireless earphone users have, however the W5S lasts six hours from a single charge and the case can charge the earphones fully 3-4 times. I have never been worried about running out of charge when I’m out and about, especially with only 1 hour fast charging, there is never a lengthy gap without music. Connecting via Bluetooth 5.0 is very easy with no problems and has a clear sound transferral up to 20 metres away. However, thick walls and obstacles did reduce this distance.

The W5S really proves itself to be of excellent value for its price, holding great quality with the ability to challenge those of larger brands. I will be very happy to recommend these to my friends.



Quality design

6 hour battery

Small and compact

Great price

Great sound



Rule book unnecessarily large

Button control instead of touch sensitivity