RRP £205.00

I tested the Dragon Latitude X glasses, from the Glacia range. The pair I received, from Dragon’s XP (Cross Performance) collection came in matte black, with Lumalens infrared lenses, selected for snowy environments. The same model is also available in black, with silver lenses, and matte navy, with Lumalens smoke lenses (for less bright conditions), so if you’re considering purchasing the Latitude X do consider where you’d benefit from them most, or I guess if you’re in doubt you can always buy all three!

The first thing I noticed was that these feel bigger, fuller, than my usual sports sunglasses, but I have large enough features to support/suit their magnitude and (apparently) they looked great on my face! Of course these aren’t just about the aesthetics; the bigger the lens the more protection you gain from the glare on the slopes, as it comes at you from all angles. The lateral sun shields are optional, but I didn’t feel they interfered with my vision, in fact I found they helped me focus, without peripheral distraction, so I opted in. The rubber nose pad is comfortable so the glasses sat securely, far better than a smooth rigid frame, which has no staying power whatsoever. Speaking of attachment, I love that the leash is adjustable; although I’d usually prefer having a leash hanging loose around my neck, being able to secure them around my head, tucked under my headwear, like goggles, eliminated any concerns. Considering I was wearing these for the first time, it was easy to forget I had them on.

The lenses are both oleophobic and hydrophobic, and did a great job of keeping themselves clean. Perhaps that’s because they’re fresh out of the packet, but they did remain notably free of grime. I wore these out in bright winter sunlight and felt so little tension, presumably because those lenses and the peripheral guards were eliminating any strain.

They’re bold, comfortable, and negate the need to squint, leaving you wide-eyed and able to focus on the slopes. For a pair that delivers so confidently, I’d love to see bolder colours to match; perhaps next season…



Leash and nose pads feel secure

Matte (I hate glossy glasses!)

Eliminates UV & glare

Look great on me!



Colour choice be more bold

May look/feel oversize on a smaller face


4 stars out of 5