From the company who have disrupted the forestry footwear industry with their cutting-edge products comes the all-new HAIX Trekker Mountain 2.0. In a demonstration of HAIX’s continued efforts to innovate and improve their footwear range, the Trekker Mountain 2.0 boasts a variety of refined and enhanced features to cater to all your outdoor needs.

Designed ‘from the sole up’, the Trekker Mountain 2.0 is a concoction of safety features, comfort and style. Its unique GORE-TEX technology renders the oiled Nubuck leather waterproof yet breathable. HAIX’s novel Climate System employs a pumping movement which circulates air with every step you take, through the ventilation holes in the boot. This Climate System also insulates the wearer against both the heat and cold, providing comfort throughout all four seasons.

Further in the way of comfort, the Trekker Mountain 2.0 has a unique HAIX Co System, which provides cushioning and support to correct your foot positioning and posture. Its integrated heel means that the boots bend and mould to your movements, with aims to avoid blistering, chaffing and general discomfort. The abrasion resistant lining, with a fleecy mid-layer, ensures the boots against excessive use, regardless of the strenuous activities you might undertake.

Perhaps most impressive are the safety features of the Trekker Mountain 2.0 and there are many, Haix protective Steel-Toe Cap, which exceeds even the highest of safety requirements.  They also have puncture resistant steel midsole and Class 1 Chainsaw protection in the upper ensuring that you can work with chainsaws or other heavy cutting machinery confidently.  Further to this is the anti-slip rubber sole and cut-protected fabric.  HAIX have gone to every effort to ensure their boots rise to the occasion.

In summary, the HAIX Trekker Mountain 2.0 is the perfect companion for the adventurers, arborists, and other outdoors workers. Encapsulating the perfect blend of style and safety, these boots are redefining the forestry footwear industry in an exciting way.  

RRP: £209.90


  • Waterproof and highly breathable
  • Ventilating Climate System
  • Integrated heel for added support and comfort
  • Steel toecap and metal midsole to protect against injury
  • Stylish, with an eye-catching pop of colour


Stars: 5