DEWALT produces professional-grade power tools and hand tools for construction, manufacturing and woodworking. We received two power tools from DEWALT to review: the DCE530N 18V XR Heat Gun and the DCM848N Dual Action Polisher. Whether you’re a professional or an enthused amateur, these tools are well worth a look.

DEWALT DCE530N 18V XR Heat Gun


The DEWALT DCE530 18V XR Heat Gun has been designed for plumbers, electricians, decorators and general contractors. It’s extremely useful for a whole range of tasks, such as shrinking down tubing and electrical cables, stripping paint, bending PVC pipes, thawing pipes, drying filler, removing decals and stickers and even loosening nuts and bolts. That’s quite a list! Basically, if you need to wield some heat, then this tool has you covered: instead of forcing materials, you can encourage them to melt or expand using this gun, and do so in an effective but controlled way.  The DCE530 is part of the XR system so batteries from other XR tools are compatible

This heat gun is comfortable to hold and has a good grip on it, which is essential when you’re throwing around something kicking out heat. DEWALT has clearly thought about safety: there’s a lock-off on the trigger to stop you from accidentally heating it up when you don’t want to, which gives me huge peace of mind. Whenever I’m carrying a drill or any other power tool, or even see them sitting there on the side, I like to double-check that the lock is on. My wife doesn’t share my cautious approach, which is even more reason for me to check! A nice little touch, the trigger also has a lock-on switch, which means the heat gun will stay fired up without you having to hold the trigger on longer jobs.

The DCE530N Heat Gun came with two nozzle attachments: reflector and surface. The reflector nozzle helps with soldering, tinning and shrinking, whereas surface nozzles are great for drying, removing paint or thawing. Basically, the nozzle determines whether the heat is focused inwards or spread outwards. What the unit didn’t come with was batteries, so don’t expect to be able to fire it up the moment it’s out of its box.

The gun has two heat settings, at 530C or 290C, and an airflow of 109-190 l/min. This is a really handy, easy-to-use heat gun; cordless and fitted with an illuminating LED light that shines where you’re working, it’s easy to use anywhere, and at 0.5 kg, it’s not at all cumbersome to hold.

DEWALT has clearly thought about its customers when designing this heat gun; it’s practical, safe, and has little touches that make it easier to use. I can see why these guys are trusted by the pros.

Two heat settings
Good grip & easy to hold
LED light
Comes with two nozzles

Batteries not included