DEWALT produces professional-grade power tools and hand tools for construction, manufacturing and woodworking. We received two power tools from DEWALT to review: the DCE530N 18V XR Heat Gun and the DCM848N Dual Action Polisher. Whether you’re a professional or an enthused amateur, these tools are well worth a look.

DEWALT DCM848N 18V Dual Action Polisher

Another professional-grade power tool, the Dual Action Polisher is designed for car body repairs, vehicle valet services, boat repairs and polishing, ornamental stonework, and kitchen and worktop fitting and manufacture. Basically, it polishes and buffs surfaces with reliable power and precision, allowing you to create that smooth, flawless finish you’re looking for.  The DCM848N is part of the XR system so batteries from other XR tools are compatible

Again, this tool has been well designed to be easy to hold and grip, both for safety and for accuracy whilst you work. The 18V Brushless Motor delivers a strong performance, whilst the Rotated Battery Foot keeps the rear of the polisher away from the surface you’re working on, preventing accidental contact or scratches. This polisher has adjustable speeds, which can be set at a speed dial, and can also be influenced by how lightly, firmly, slowly or quickly you press the trigger, much like a car accelerator. This level of subtle control again helps you to avoid accidents and to get the finessed finish you’re after. If your trigger-finger needs a rest, however, its lock-on setting will keep the polisher running for you, which is very helpful on longer jobs.

Be careful – this polisher is often supplied ‘Body Only’, which means no batteries or charger. Check whether you will need to get these sorted before you purchase, or you could be in for a nasty shock when you’re ready to polish. As with any polisher, you will need to occasionally change the polishing pad, too. However, a handy hook and loop backing pad allows you to change these quickly and without fuss.

At 2.5 kg, this baby is a little heavy to hold up, but that’s why its grip and design are so important in keeping it steady and away from your work. Once again, this tool shows that DEWALT knows what it’s doing. This is not a common addition to one’s toolbox, but if you want to give a polisher a go, this is reassuringly easy to control and use.

Strong polish action
Good grip
Responsive speed adjustment
Base is far away from work surface

Batteries and charger not included