RRP: £140.00




From the company that broke the internet with their iconic hair straightening ceramic brush over 5 years ago, comes DAFNI’s all-new Rose Gold edition. Looking and acting exactly like a normal brush but with 10 times the strength of a flat iron, DAFNI Rose Gold is for all the women out there who have battled with their frizzy, untameable hair, and are seeking after a better solution.


Using the same patented technology that lunched the original DAFNI brush into the limelight, the Rose Gold edition is an attractive limited-edition version, complete with a thermal cover and compact travel mirror. Its unique Curvedcore technology gives up to 8 times the surface area of a typical flat iron in a 3D structure, meaning that it can straighten a far larger amount of your hair at once. These time and energy saving features make DAFNI Rose Gold a crucial part of any hectic morning routine.


The low temperatures of this innovative product mean that it is far better for your hair than its flat iron counterparts. Undoubtedly, the brush has been designed with hair care in mind, with great efforts being taken by its creators to avoid technology that would scratch or damage your hair.


The brush is remarkably straightforward to use and does not pull or snag. It works quickly and effectively on most hair types, although if you have particularly frizzy, curly or kinky hair it may take you a little longer to achieve the desired effect. 


Overall, there is very little to criticise about DAFNI Rose Gold. Some might consider the brush to be on the pricier side of things, but for all its benefits, it is worth paying that little bit extra. For the many women out there, who wish they could spend longer styling their hair in the morning but do not have the time, this brush is the solution you have been looking for.



  • Easy to use with quick results
  • Curvedcore technology gives increased power
  • Low temperatures to avoid heat damage
  • 10 times stronger than a normal flat iron


Stars: 4.5