Hedkayse has set out to design a helmet that is not only safe, but portable and packable. All helmets are portable, you say? Not like this! Rather than lugging a clunky helmet around along with your work or school gear, gym things or shopping, Hedkayse’s unique design is foldable, allowing it to pack down flat so it can be stored easily  in a bag and you can carry on with your day!

ONE claims to be the ‘safest and toughest cycle helmet’ around.  Originally funded by an Indiegogo campaign, this design took bike helmets back to the drawing board, seeking to create a product that would encourage more people to cycle safely by making helmets far more convenient than they’ve ever been.

When you first hold this product in your hands, it feels a little unusual. Due to its collapsible nature, it doesn’t feel as solid as a traditional helmet. However, don’t be fooled: this helmet is multi-impact, and once it is unfolded into shape and the straps are secured, it’s perfectly sturdy. The design is also multi-fit, which again allows for ultimate safety – you can easily construct this helmet to be the exact fit you need.

When collapsed, the helmet packs away nice and small, and it’s lighter than most to carry around. Where a traditional helmet might get left at home, this helmet causes no hinderance at all, no matter what sort of day you have ahead of you: there’s no reason NOT to wear this helmet, and that in itself could save many lives.

Hedkayse’s helmets are available in red, black, blue, grey and hi-vis yellow, as well as black or brown leather. You can also order your own custom helmet design, or you can try the designs from some of the company’s creative collabs with other brands.

This is a fantastic concept that could change the way we approach bike safety. It’s safe, it’s comfortable and it’s convenient. I look forward to the company coming out with a wider range of designs, but in the meantime, custom designs mean you can have whatever you want!

 Adjustable sizing
 Multi-impact material
 Conforms to the EN1078 Safety Standard
Packs down flat
Easy to carry around