If you haven’t already tried the AeroPress, then let me tell you it’s already a pretty convenient gizmo for making a smooth, crema-topped coffee without the bitterness you get from a stove-top cafetière. Every time I use my sister’s I make a mental note to buy one ourselves, only now I may not. As a frequent camper who cannot go without the morning ritual of a hot brew, I’m tempted to opt for the AeroPress’ portable little sibling instead!

From the off, this little set has the simple delight of a Russian doll, all components tucked inside the 444ml mug, which serves as a compact container for the plunger mechanism, filter cap, scoop and stirrer, 350 micro-filters and a filter holder so you can take up to 20 filters on your trip. The plunger capacity means you can brew up to 273ml at a time, that’s around three espresso shots, so depending how you prefer your coffee this may be plenty for a cup of rocket fuel or three longer drinks (you can either top the extract, once it has filtered into the mug with hot milk or water, or top up the chamber as it filters if you prefer not to ‘water down’ your coffee. The set is BPA-free and the paper filters are as 100% compostable as your coffee as well as removing diterpenes, which many of us could do without. Using the Go is fairly simpler he only precaution I would advise is that you don’t force the plunger – he patient and in well under a minute you will have a gently pressed coffee. I first attempted it with home ground beans, which did clog a little, as my grind was far from uniform, but with a fine/espresso grind it filters evenly and produces a lovely rich extraction! Cold pressing! As you might expect, took a little longer. Inverted, it can also be used for brewing tea, I just needed to pour the contents into my mug, rather than allowing the liquid to filter through. All in all my favourite coffee method, ideal for people who like to be on the go. Top product!



The same delicious AeroPress coffee


Lots of filters





5 out of 5 stars