When my first born arrived, I was the sort of mum who simply ‘made do’ without what I considered to be ‘needless’ accessories, including a pram. Fast forward another few years, when babies two and three arrived, and things got a little more complicated. My body was no longer so forgiving of the strains I had put it under, and I folded. One of the items I wish I had allowed myself was a nursing pillow. The BBhugme pillow is a super comfortable as well as lovely-looking accessory, available in feather blue, feather pink, and beige melange/vanilla. All are OEKO-TEX Standard cotton which is free from toxins, BPA free, and machine washable up to 40°C.

As we have come to expect from Scandinavian design, there’s not a single box that isn’t ticked. First and foremost, with baby in mind, the quality fabric feels incredibly soft, and no matter how snugly I fit it around my body, there is no excess heat or clamminess, making it a perfect little nest for baby to relax against your body. I could control the density of the pillow, and therefore the support offered to the baby, by sliding the two little silicone end rings, either way still leaving the ends loose to tie securely around my waist. Not having to support your baby as you feed may seem a minor benefit, but repeat that 12 times a day, or more in the early weeks, and your back and shoulders will thank you! At only 1kg, and of portable size, you will probably want to take this with you on visits to friends or relatives; this fits easily into its travel bag with an adjustable strap that fits either over your shoulder or over a standard buggy handle, keeping it clean and tucked out of the way on the go. Of course it’s not only Mum who can use this -  once baby associates the pillow with the comfort of feed and a snuggle with Mum, other family members can wrap the pillow around their waists and give baby that same reassuring contact, while Mum treats herself to a visit to the toilet! As the baby grows, the pillow can also be used a hip carrier. An indispensable piece of kit good for both baby and parent.


Super soft cotton




Bolder colours would be fun


4.5 stars out of 5