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Many of us are currently in self-isolation, and that means finding ways to stay fit and healthy whilst staying indoors! Although, if you’re in the UK like us, you are allowed outside for a little jog each day, that doesn’t quite cut it compared to a full work-out at the gym. Whether you’re trying to keep up your usual routine or you’re using this time at home to start getting in shape, Mirafit has a range of products that can help.

We were sent the 6kg Gen II Stitched Medicine Wall Ball. Not to be confused with much larger, inflated exercise balls, medicine balls are weighted, roughly shoulder width in size, and fantastic for a range of strength exercises. They are also used a lot in sports medicine to help re-build strength after an injury, which just goes to show what an effective piece of gear these are.

The Wall Ball we received is so-named because it has been developed to add a new element to these strength routines by making the product safe to throw against walls and other surfaces. As well as lifting the ball in various ways to build different muscle groups, the Wall Ball also allows you to incorporate throwing and catching into your routine, making it excellent for resistance training and targeting your core and abs. Filled with sand and covered in a soft-stitched PU leather, the ball was very easy to grip and hold, and as it absorbs impact when it connects with the wall, it felt safe to throw despite its weight. The surface has been specially designed to have a non-slip texture, again making it easier and safer to throw.

If you’re feeling restless and want new ways to keep fit at home, Mirafit’s medicine balls offer a fantastic way to do this. Intelligently designed to best benefit your workout, these are more than just heavy balls: each one has been created with a purpose in mind, and they’re fantastically versatile.

The Mirafit Gen II Stitched Medicine Wall Ball is available in a wide range of weights to fit your training needs, from 2kg to 12 kg. 6kg was plenty for us! This is a brilliant way to keep healthy, and the pricing also makes these Medicine Balls great value.




Wide range of weights
Improved grip
Can be thrown against solid surfaces
Comfortable size
Great for resistance training