Can’t quit checking social media? Need to stop snacking from that bag of sweets? The kSafe, previously known as the Kitchen Safe, is here to take temptation away!

Using the kSafe is easy: simply place an item inside, set the timer dial and press the activation button. Hey presto! Your temptations are gone. The kSafe is available in three sizes, and if the item you need to get away from is too big to fit in any of them, you can always lock it in a cupboard and put that key in the safe! The timer can be set between one minute and ten whole days, which makes it fantastic for saving items for the weekend, or just for putting a kid’s toy or device in for a short time-out.

As we discovered, once locked the kSafe will not unlock until the timer reaches zero. To better remove temptation, there is no in-built override. However, fear not – if you really do need to get to something that’s been locked inside, for example if you’ve accidently got your phone stuck in there for five days instead of five hours, the safe has been purposefully designed with a breakable base. In the event of an emergency, you can break this and buy a replacement base, instead of needing to rebuy the whole kSafe – this way, the company has cleverly designed a safe that you can break into if you really need to, but that you can’t simply cheekily override to get at your goodies if the cravings get too strong.

This is a great product that can bring you some real peace of mind. If there’s no way to get at that tempting something-or-other, you can stop thinking about it and enjoy freedom from it. Most of us are at home more than usual at the moment, so we’re around those little temptations more often. Whether you’re getting your kids to concentrate during their home schooling or you’re trying not to entertain yourself with snacks, the kSafe is extremely useful, now more than ever.



Range of sizes
Variety of colours
Wide range of time options
Breaks in an emergency
No tempting override